What’s Happening

LA ECO ARTs Juneteenth Sale!

June 19, 20229 am – 3 pm

Leimert Park

find us in front of Ride ON! Bike Coop

LA ECO ARTS is a worker-owned art co-op in development and supported by Collective REMAKE. Member-owners are directly impacted by incarceration and economic marginalization

We are reclaiming lives and protecting the environment. We use sustainable or reused materials to build something useful while we use our hands and our hearts to build new lives.

Summer Workshops—ONLINE Application

Co-operative Education and Development (CEAD)
Summer Workshops—ONLINE Application

Six online workshops will be held:
Saturdays 11 am – 1 pm
July 10 – August 14, 2021
(workshops in process)

Introduction to Co-operatives: The Principles and Values
• History of Co-operatives Around the World
• Practicing Democracy: Consensus and Participatory Practices
• Just Transition: Moving Away from Extractive Economies
• Envisioning a Co-op Community: The Co-operative Business Model Canvas
• Steps to Starting a Co-operativ

These workshops are held for people who have been impacted by incarceration.
A small stipend is available per workshop.

If you work in the reentry community and are interested in the workshops please contact Mary Sutton: msutton@collectiveremake.com

Collective REMAKE Celebrates with LA Coop LAB and Cooperative Partners at Leimert Park – May 22, 2021

Collective REMAKE joined cooperative partners in Leimert in the first in person gathering since March 2020. Start-up teams for The Art Coop (to be named) and Lived Experience Life Consulting Co-op were there in force to sell their wears and survey the public as part of their feasability studies.

Also, colleagues celebrated their recent completion of the Cooperative Education and Development (CEAD) workshops series, many meeting each other for the first time in person.

Join Collective REMAKE and the Co-op Community in Leimert Park

Saturday May 22, 2021

Collective REMAKE is co-sponsoring Worker Co-ops Day organized by
L.A.Co-op LAB and Ride ON! Bike Shop.

Please Join us! Meet our board members and colleagues in our Co-op Development Program. Team members from the Lived Experience Life Consulting Co-op and the The Art Co-op will be there.

The Art Co-op is testing new products. Come help us out! We are developing innovative products that are sustainable and made by people directly impacted by incarceration and working it out in the community.

Lived Experience Life Consulting Co-op wants to talk to you about your ideas and ways to eliminate trauma and racism inside organizational structures we work in every day.

Sign up for Collective REMAKE’s summer workshop series! More details at the event!

See you there!

Registration Still Open for Cooperative Education and Development Workshops

Registration for Collective REMAKE’s next Co-operative Education and Development series is now open to people who are directly impacted by incarceration and are navigating reentry. Family and loved ones are welcome.

Collective REMAKE is offering the next series of ten workshops. A stipend is offered to for people impacted by incarceration. 

REGISTRATION for Saturday series and Tuesday series is still open.If you want to know more, you can join an orientation on January 27 and March 2, 2021 Please email us if you are interested.

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