Co-operative Education and Development Workshops

Democratic, autonomous, co-operative businesses are an essential solution for communities that suffer from economic disadvantages. Co-operative businesses provide the opportunity for ownership, skill sharing, and leadership development in local businesses.

Beginning in 2017, Collective REMAKE has led Co-operative Education and Development (CEAD) workshops to bring awareness about the opportunity to build cooperative economics and mutual solidarity for individuals who are directly impacted by incarceration and are navigating reentry. Workshop facilitators implement dynamic participatory programming which nourishes, develops, and instills leadership from the ground up.

Participants engage in ongoing education and are guided through the values of democracy, equity, equality, self-help, self-responsibility, and solidarity.

The basic cooperative principles put out by the International Cooperative Alliance have been adapted and reworded for different political, spiritual and cultural perspectives. At the most basic level, most call for equal participation and equal value—one person one voice, economic inclusion, independence, concern for community, cooperatives helping each other, and ongoing education. While sustainability.

In addition to curriculum instruction, guidance, and facilitation, participants also receive a stipend to support their ability to attend programming.

The CEAD workshop series includes Introduction to Co-operatives and Co-operative Principles and Values; History of Co-operatives Around the World; Just Transition; Practicing Democracy; Envisioning Co-operative Business through the Business Model Canvas; Start-up Budgets; Legal Incorporation; Introduction to Time Banking, Concepts of Sustainability, and more.

Through Cooperative Education and Development (CEAD) workshops, a Co-op Development Program, and a Train-the-Trainers Program, Collective REMAKE is committed to building an eco-system that includes a network of co-operative development and sustainable healing communities.

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