COLLECTIVE REMAKE: Art, Business, Education, Jobs, News, People, and Recycling for Sustainability is a unique social enterprise—in Los Angeles County—designed to support the creation of worker-owned businesses and other kinds of cooperatives with people who have been incarcerated and other individuals who are marginalized socially and economically due to race, sex, class, gender identity, age or ability.



June 30, 2019 • 5pm – 8pm
An Evening of knowledge sharing, entertainment
& Networking.  Featuring: Jessica Gordon-Nembhard

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Cooperation WORKS June 30 Postcard

Cooperation WORKS June 30 Postcard

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Environmental Education Day

June 15, 2019 • 4pm – 7pm

Free & Open to the Public
Healthy BBQ, Meat and Vegan, for All

June 15.Postcard

June 15.Postcard.Final2

Collective REMAKE is featuring sustainable
Cooperative business models:

Recycle for JOBs • Worms4U • All City Art

PLEASE Bring Your empty CRV Beverage Containers
to support
Recycle for JOBs

Environmental Education Day June 15, 2019 – Postcard

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