Interview: Jessica Gordon-Nembhard on past lessons for economic empowerment

By Anca Voinea Co-op News 4 July 2020

Also See:The Association of Cooperative Educators, ACE, links researchers, trainers, developers and communicators interested in cooperatives and credit unions, primarily in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. It operates in English, French and Spanish.   Featured as part of the ACE Webinar Series   Marginalized populations and crises: how to get out of reinforced marginalization through cooperation?   “If the global Covid-19 pandemic puts society at risk, it nevertheless affects the most vulnerable, such as women, refugees, migrants or racialized people, much more violently, due to economic and social inequalities. How can cooperatives help marginalized individuals and groups and ensure their long-term empowerment?” (ACE)

With Jessica Gordon-Nembhard and Claudia Arroyo

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