Train-the-Trainer—ONLINE Application

Participatory Facilitator and Co-operative Education Training

Through Co-operative Education and Development (CEAD) workshops, a Co-op Development Program, and a Train-the-Trainers Program, Collective REMAKE is committed to building an eco-system that includes a network of co-operative economic development, inclusive support systems, and sustainable healing communities.

  • Trainees will experience deep learning about the difference between a co-operative and a conventional business, the co-operative principles and values, and the history of co-operatives.
  • Trainees will understand why co-operatives offer economic opportunities for marginalized communities
  • Trainees will have a fundamental understanding and practical skills to implement inclusive participatory facilitation.
  • Trainees will learn the basic technical skills needed to run online interactive Zoom workshops and in-person workshops.
  • Trainees will take a deep dive into the content of Collective REMAKE’s CEAD Workshop series.

  • Trainees who successfully complete training will be qualify to apply for a co-facilitator position to support Collective REMAKE’s Introduction CEAD Workshop series

    The course will offer a $480 stipend for attending all classes and a $480 stipend for completing and reporting back on outside assignments.

This application is only for individuals who have been invited to apply.

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