A Just Transition Framework


Collective REMAKE presents a Cooperative Education & Development Saturday Workshop Series

February 16 – April 27, 2019
Free and Open to the Public • Please let us know you are coming. 

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March 2, 2019 
Just Transition Framework
presented by Mariana Mendoza
Community Healing and Trauma Prevention Center
MLK Center for Public Health
11833 Wilmington Ave • Los Angeles, CA 90059
Visiting Cooperative: Collective Avenue Coffee
We are eager to change the current extractive, violent system we live in into a regenerative one that can sustain, nourish, and heal everyone. But how do we get there? This workshop will be based on a Just Transition framework developed by Movement Generation, which offers five pillars of the economy to better understand the dominant economy and spark ideas of strategies we can implement to transition from an extractive economy to a regenerative one in a just way. “Transition is inevitable, justice is not.”
“A Just Transition requires us to build a visionary economy for life in a way that is very different than the economy we are in now. Constructing this visionary economy calls for strategies that democratize, decentralize and diversify economic activity while we damper down consumption, and (re)distribute resources and power. This presentation Is for folks interested in building collective vision and action towards Ecological Justice that does not separate humans from nature, or social equity from ecological integrity.” (Movement Generation)

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